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This beautiful wall-climbing perennial vine is an edible plant called Red-stemmed Malabar Spinach (Basella alba).
It is known under various common names, including Pui, vine spinach, red vine spinach, climbing spinach, creeping spinach, buffalo spinach, malabar spinach and ceylon spinach.

Malabar spinach is high in vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. It is low in calories by volume, but high in protein per calorie. The succulent mucilage is a particularly rich source of soluble fiber. Among many other possibilities, Malabar spinach may be used to thicken soups or stir-fries with garlic and chili peppers.

The leaves are large  3” to 6”, I think they would make beautiful wraps or lay flat for presentation.

photography 2014 © debora smail

What a difference a day makes!
(& one of the neighborhood’s feral cats, Sagwa or as Timmy calls him, Blue )

planting sod patches where the shade from the tree had deprived the grass it’s needed sun.
this makes me very happy.

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"oh, hi! how was work? no…i haven’t gotten out of bed yet, why do you ask?

when is dinner?”

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